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19 febrero 2014

1st International Marine Science Communication Conference

The 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference (IMSCC 2014) – New tools and practices is an interdisciplinary and international marine science communication meeting jointly organized by the CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto); the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) and Ciência Viva (National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture).

IMSCC 2014 intends to bring in the state-of-the-art in Marine Science Communication and to highlight new tools and practices in this field, in order to support scientists and marine science communicators in developing their communication skills to set up a more efficient dialogue with journalists, decision-makers, and the general public. Experts of international renown from various spheres have been invited to give their points of view on these issues − which are crucial to support the development of Marine Science Communication within the society.

Presentations and workshops will cover a broad spectrum of Marine Science Communication issues that are of interest to a multi-disciplinary and international audience. These sessions will identify or offer solutions to problems, utilize case studies, identify knowledge gaps or collaboration opportunities, and discuss broader applications and implications of the material presented.

The working language of this conference will be English.

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