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04 agosto 2013

Empleo: Tilapia Production Manager

Tilapia Production Manager
Tropo Farms Ltd , Ghana (Volta Lake)

A new 20,000 ton tilapia grow-out facility situated in Volta Lake, Ghana, using HDPE circular cages and water based logistics, requires an experienced manager. Tilapia cage farming experience is essential as is the ability to train and motivate personnel for live transfer of juveniles, stocking, feeding, sampling, harvesting, cage maintenance (systems), data collection and analysis. Competence with fish farming software/MS Excel is required. Reporting to the General Manager, the production manager is also responsible for budgets.

University degree or extensive experience required. The farm is in a rural location (no schools).

Contact: Mark Amerchi, mark_amechi@yahoo.com
Closing Date:September 30, 2013