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22 marzo 2014

International posdoctoral fellowships in marine sciences in Labexmer

International post-doc

LabexMER proposes new international fellowships programme for young scientists in Marine Sciences


The brightest young scientists are also the most creative. They are able to conceive and carry out independent research. The existing funding for post-doctoral researchers in France is targeted most of the time at very specific projects that do not leave enough opportunities for independent research and creative ideas.
To overcome this problem, the LabexMER partners are creating a new post-doctoral program. It is inspired by successful similar programs such as the U.S. NOAA Climate Change and Global Change postdoctoral program or WHOI postdoctoral fellowship. It will allow young scientists to propose their own research project in marine sciences (within the LabexMER research axes) to be carried out in one or several LabexMER laboratories. The competitive awards are designed to further the education and training of the applicant with primary emphasis placed on the individual's research promise and relevance to Labex Mer research Axis.
Funding scheme

The postdoctoral appointment is for a period of two years. Recipients of the awards will receive a gross salary of about 2700€ per month. In addition, support is available for travel expenses, equipment, and supplies. Work contract will include national health and dental insurance, as well as retirement and unemployment benefits.


Deadline for submission is April 30, 2014

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Eligibility criterias
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