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04 octubre 2012

Posdoctoral en ecología.

Job Title: Post Doctoral position - Ecology and Diversity of heterotrophic planktonic protists.

Location: Laboratory of Oceanography and Geosciences, LOG- UMR, 8187, Wimereux, France.
Duration: 12 months (prolongation possible)
Application Deadline: 25/11/2012.
Date of start of the contract: 1/1/2013
Salary: ~ 1650 Euros/month (net salary)

Research topic: The challenge of modeling and predicting ecological change requires linking taxonomic data to functional roles of individual microbial groups. A multiple approach of observation, experimentation and modeling is needed to address this type of challenge. This project funded by the University of Littoral, the FRB and the 'Nord-Pas-de Calais' Region, is an interdisciplinary study integrating genetic,genomic and ecological aspects of eukaryotic micro-plankton.

Description of the job: The research program of this post-doc is to understand relationships between taxonomic diversity andfunctional adaptations of planktonic protists in marine waters. Research will particularly focused into identifying the environmental factors that affect biodiversity of marine protists. This aspect will be realized in the laboratory under controlled conditions (photobioreactor). Two types of environmental forcing will be studied: the effect of climate change, through temperature modifications and the anthropogenic induced eutrophication, through N/P ration modifications in the photobioreactors. The following hypothesis will be tested:

i) The abiotic factors influence the composition and diversity of plankton communities
ii) the identity and the abundance of the dominant specie(s) and the potentially toxic algae and parasites are governed by these same factors.

Qualifications: Candidates should be suitably qualified (Phd level) in aquatic microbial ecology. Knowledge of isolating, culturing and identifying autotrophic and particulalry heterotrophic protists will be highly appreciated. Knowledge of molecular techniques (DNA extraction, PCR) and basic bioinformatics of tag-pyrosequencing data will be also appreciated. The candidate should be also be willing to participate to the field trips for sampling.

Full CVs accompanied by the appropriate covering letter and names and e-mails of references, as well as requests for additional information, are to be sent to Urania Christaki (urania.christaki@univ-littoral.fr) and Sebastien Monchy (sebastien.monchy@univ-littoral.fr).