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22 diciembre 2011

2 plazas en la Universidad de Sidney

The University of Sydney is looking for two new staff to manage and operate One Tree Island Research Station located in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

We are looking for two persons with a collective set of skills that include boat master, station operation and maintenance and personal skills to welcome visiting scientists.   

The positions will have combined ESSENTIAL skills as follows:

·         Master 5 – the island is located offshore so one of the managers will need a MASTER 5 or an open Coxswain with specific endorsement for the Capricorn Bunker group.
·         Machinery maintenance skills – ability  to maintain a variety of equipment including outboard motors, petrol and diesel motors, compressors, generators, solar system, battery bank, etc.
·         Basic electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills to maintain the station buildings in good repair.
·         Budget management – ability to manage a budget and advise on financial priorities.
·         A SCUBA ticket is also useful.

Please send your EOIs to ana.vilaconcejo@sydney.edu.au and clearly state in the subject “EOI OTI managers”. Applicants without a Master 5 or a Coxswain endorsed for the Capricorn group will NOT be considered.