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30 septiembre 2011

3 regional Business Development Managers (BDM) - Junior

In a time when the Spanish economy is coping with an unemployment rate of about 20 percent, the Cadiz based Atunes del Maresme, S.L. (Tunamar), at the forefront of the sashimi grade tuna business, EU and abroad, is searching intensively for commercial business talents for the position of business development manager.

Tunamar, with a 1000mt -60º storage capacity, is supplying product to premium Japanese food service, traditional wholesale channels and the retail industry alike.

In an effort to expand its business and strengthen its Northern European presence, Tunamar is recruiting 3 regional Business Development Managers (BDM) - Junior, each to be assigned a specific geographic area (UK, Benelux and Germany/Austria) and with a focus on developing and overseeing retail and wholesale seafood business.

• Successful candidate will be fluent in English and at least one of the following languages; German, French, Dutch/Flemish

• Previous experience in the tuna industry or working with retail seafood accounts not obligatory but certainly helpful

• Solid communication and people skills

• Attention to detail

• An ability to remain self-motivated and work independently, building longstanding relationship with key decision makers.

Each regional BDM will report directly to the EU Sales Manager who will set objectives and develop in unison with each BDM, a comprehensive regional roadmap to maximize success.

Tunamar offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the expansion of an EU seafood leader.

To apply or for more information, you can contact Heath Rasmussen - Atunes del Maresme, S.L. - heath@tunamar.eu - Tel: +34956200971