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09 enero 2012

Amplían los plazos de The deep-sea & Sub-seafloor Frontier Conference

Extended Deadline for abstract submission: January 13th, 2012
Important dates

On the 19th of December 150 abstracts covering a variety of topics have been received and a number of top-level keynote speakers are confirmed. Since the organization can still accommodate a few more participants, and in view of the ambition of the Conference and the attractive conditions that apply for hosting the participants, the Organizing Committee has approved a new and last extension of the abstract submission deadline.

January 13th, 2012
Abstract submission deadline
January 27th, 2012
Early registration deadline
March 11th – 14th, 2012
Conference dates

Abstracts Submission
The Conference Committee invites authors to submit abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the program, either as oral or poster presentations. The organisation will cover up to 3 nights’ accommodation based in double room for single use to each presenter participant with an accepted abstract.

* Lithosphere - biosphere interaction & resources
* Sedimentary seafloor and sub-seafloor ecosystems
* Deep biosphere
* Sediment dynamics &geohazards
* Geofluids and gas hydrates
* Climate change & response of deep-sea biota
* Drilling technologies and associate infrastructures
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Keynote Speakers
* M. Best:“Deep sea research via cabled observatories: Experience from Neptune Canada”
* T. Eglinton: “Spatiotemporal variability in deep ocean biogeochemical processes”
* Y. Fouquet: “Mineral resources of the deep sea: Strategic resources for the future”
* S.E. Humphris: “Basalt-seawater interactions and subsurface fluid flow at mid-ocean ridges”
* J. Ludden: “Integrated strategy for scientific research drilling in Europe”
* R.J. Parkes: “Deep sub-seafloor sediments – a large biosphere: geosphere habitat”
* C. Paull: “Evolution of seafloor seepage and gas hydrate morphologies”
* R.B. Wynn: “Deep-sea sedimentary processes and geohazards along the northeast Atlantic continental margin: new insights from geophysical and core data”
* R. Zahn: “From past oceans to future climates: palaeo-research in a new era of actionable science”
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