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19 marzo 2012

Oferta de empleo para trabajar de observador de atunes

ICCAT Regional Observer Programme (ROP) on Bluefin Tuna Vessels and Farms in the Mediterranean 2011/2012

The Programme

The ROP has been designed to monitor fishing and farming activities associated with bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic. ICCAT observers must be nationals of one of the ICCAT Contracting Parties or Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties (see http://www.iccat.int/en/contracting.htm).

ICCAT observer coverage requirements during 2011:

1. All purse seine vessels >24m fishing for bluefin tuna in the 2011 season (mid-May to mid-June)
2. All transfers of bluefin tuna to bluefin tuna farms (June/July)
3. All bluefin tuna farms harvests (September to February)


We are looking for candidates with a proven track record in industrial fisheries, specifically:

 Experience as a fisheries observer in tuna fisheries;
 Experience in other domestic or international fisheries observer/monitoring programmes;
 Participation in research cruises or scientific surveys;
 Previously employed as a fisheries officer; or
 Possessing other practical at-sea fisheries experience.
 Basic knowledge of Italian language.

Candidates with suitable academic and vocational qualifications will also be considered.

In addition, observers must have no current financial or beneficial interests in the bluefin tuna fishery and must satisfy the terms and conditions of ICCAT's Standards of Conduct and Behaviour for Observers.

Training Observers will be required to attend a training programme (approximately 5 days) in April covering all aspects of the deployment:

 Health & Safety; Technical ; Operational.

Contact: Dr. Angelo Oliveri, Mail: angelo-oliveri@hotmail.com