18 marzo 2012

Oferta de empleo en Barcelona: Information Systems Manager for Operational Oceanography

Position: Information Systems Manager for Operational Oceanography. Participation to the ITIL processes definition for MyOcean services



MyOcean (01/04/2009 - 31/03/2012) and MyOcean2 (01/04/2012 - 01/10/2014) aim to give Europe an operational monitoring and forecasting system involving different production units in Europe and to offer users homogeneous services (a unique catalogue for all products and services including access and visualisation to the produced data, see http://www.myocean.eu/web/24-catalogue.php ).

In MyOcean2, ALTAMIRA INFORMATION will be responsible of:

- Service engineering: follow-up of the adaptation and implementation of the ITIL processes for all partners of the MyOcean service,

- Design, development and testing of the Central Information System (CIS).

More than 60 partners participate to MyOcean projects. In the development of its tasks, ALTAMIRA INFORMATION will be directly in contact with CLS, Mercator Ocean, Ifremer, University of Reding and EDISOFT.

In addition to the MyOcean2 activities, this position includes the performance of other related applications for ALTAMIRA INFORMATION and its parent company, CLS.


The main tasks are:

- Management of operational applications (2 people team) of MyOcean2 and other projects.

- Evaluation of costs and deadlines.

- Quality control and control of deadlines.

- Participation to the ITIL processes definition for the MyOcean service organisation, and implementation and application by partners. This activity will be lead by CLS and Mercator Ocean.

- Participation to the technical reviews of MyOcean2 project concerning CIS.

This position requires travelling to France, Europe and worldwide.

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