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07 marzo 2012

Postdoc en el departamento de genética de la Universidad de Barcelona

Marie Curie POST-DOC fellowship application. University of Barcelona, Department of Genetics

Our new group on the field of Functional Evo-Devo and Genomics on Chordates is looking for candidates to apply for the forthcoming FP7 POST-DOC FELLOWSHIP from the Marie Curie program (Opening call March 13).

Candidates have to be enthusiastic, and need to have a competitive CV to successfully apply for the fellowship. Experience in Molecular Genetics, Transgenesis and Developmental Biology, and (or) Background in Bioinformatics, and Comparative Genomics will be positively considered.

Our main research interest is to understand the impact of gene losses on the evolutionary diversification of mechanisms of development in chordates. Our work focuses on comparative approaches between vertebrates (zebrafish), urochordates and cephalochordates. Our main subject of study is Oikopleura dioica, a new emergent urochordate model within our own phylum, with the smallest genome size known so far in all metazoans, and with an outstanding amount of gene losses (Denoeud et al., Science, 2010).

Interested candidates, please send a brief letter of interest and a CV in ONE single pdf file to Cristian Cañestro (canestro@ub.edu)

Interested candidates for future POST- or PRE-DOCTORAL applications, please feel free to contact too.

For an outline of our group's research:

FP7 fellowship link: