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09 febrero 2012

Curso de Oceanografía Operacional

We are pleased to inform you that the period for applications for the
following Training Course is open between 8 February and 23 March 2012:

Operational Oceanography: Synoptic Views of the Sea (2012), which will
be held in Ostend, Belgium, between 10-14 September 2012.

We therefore invite you to share this information amongst potential
interested candidates in your country.

The courses' description, topics covered, learning outcomes and
prerequisites are available at www.oceanteacher.org and wwwo.iode.org.

Interested candidates can register for the course by following the
instructions described at OceanTeacher Academy website, under Registration.

Registration implies the submission of the following documents:
- Application form
- CV
- Endorsement letter (in case of asking for sponsorship)

Both full- and co-sponsoring are available for a limited number of
participants. Sponsored participants will receive one or a combination
of the following cost items: 1) air ticket, 2) living and accommodation
support, 3) tuition fee and 4) medical insurance.

The selection of participants who will be sponsored will take into

- Applicant countrys development status (preference will be given to
- Endorsement of the candidates application by his/her employer and any
- Expected impact of the training for the applicants institution
- Possibility of any co-sponsorship

Co-sponsorship is an asset for selection.

Complete applications should be sent by e-mail directly to the
OceanTeacher Academy Training Coordinator within the deadline. We
underline that the deadline for registration for the aforementioned
course is 23 March, 2012.