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15 febrero 2012

7th International School of Conservation Biology

Reconciliation of biodiversity conservation and economic development is a difficult task in the modern world. To face this challenge and continually enhance education and capacity building in the field of scientifically sound conservation, since 2005 the Croatian Biological Society, the European Section of the Society for Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, and the Center for Marine Research of the “Ruđer Bošković” Institute are annually organizing an International School of Conservation Biology -iSCB. It is our intention to introduce graduate students (MSc and PhD students) to the scientific discipline of conservation biology, through an intensive, experiential course. The School is taught in English, by a team of international lecturers from Europe and USA who will present latest trends, case studies and state of the art knowledge in this young and fast developing scientific discipline that is considered today as a critical science for the 21st

iSCB 2012 is planned as a 7 day course held in the picturesque historic city of Rovinj situated at the northern Adriatic coast, followed by two days of field course on Cres and Lošinj Islands, where the School will finish. It will include in-class lectures, discussions and problem solving exercises, computer labs, group projects, evening lectures and field classes. With completion of the course students will receive a certificate and 7 ECTS credits towards their university degree.

Requirements: Students should have basic training (BSc) in biology/ecology and other related subjects, but are not expected to have extensive mathematical or statistical skills. Experience with Excel is beneficial. Due to restrictions in the number of participants (15-20), applicants will be selected on a competitive basis. The two best applicants will be awarded a Grant of the Croatian Biological Society that covers the cost of tuition.

Course Topics

iSCB focuses on the biological aspects of conservation science, but it also includes selected topics on human dimension in wildlife management, acknowledging the critical role of social science, education, and politics in conservation planning.

1 Introduction to conservation biology, biodiversity: patterns, assessment, indices. Biodiversity indices
2 Population assessment, population trends, extinction risk analysis. Trend analysis, extinction risk analysis
3 Community conservation, harvest management, management prioritization, behavior ecology. Population modeling lab
4 Endemic populations and habitats. Field course – underground ecosystems
5 Habitat conservation, landscape planning, spatial distributions. Seascape and marine reserve design
6 Conservation and restoration of ecosystems, invasive species, food webs, ecosystem services Food web analysis
7 Human dimension in wildlife management, decision-making, conflict resolution Survival exercise, facilitation exercise
8 Conservation Biology in practice: terrestrial ecosystems. Field course – Griffon Vulture Project
9 Conservation Biology in practice: marine ecosystems

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